Location: 700 Sylvan Avenue, Englewood Cliffs, NJ

Owner: Unilever United States, Inc

Consultant: Paul Hukkanen, RCI, CSI, RIEI - PWH Consultants, Inc  

Existing Condition: The existing roof was a coal tar pitch and gravel roof system that has been leaking for years. Moisture scans indicated that there was moisture throughout the roof and that the roof should be removed. This space is being used as the return air plenum for the HVAC system and any disturbance would require a major asbestos abatement project.


  1. Isolate and shut down each building while the roof is being removed and replaced. Call for a asbestos abatement team to monitor and clean up any disturbed asbestos.
  2. Install a 2001 vented roof system directly over the existing roofs. 2001 vented roof systems have the ability to dry out wet roofs and insulation, they do not require fastening into the steel deck and in no way would disturb the asbestos fire retardant

Scope of Work: Install a 2001 vented roof system over new insulation without penetrating the existing roof. Large 50’ x 125’ custom made sheets were installed minimizing seaming to under 1,300 In ft. The entire project was completed without any disturbance of the asbestos fire retardant or to day to day operation of Unilever.

A manufacturer’s 20 year NDL transferable, renewable, workmanship and material warranty was issued to the Unilever USA, Inc.

Size of Roof: 98,000 sqft.