Location: 2607 Rhawn Street, Philadelphia, PA

Owner: George Comfort & Sons

Contact: William Mersereau

Existing Conditions: There were two layers of asphalt roofing material over a structural concrete deck on a 5 story office building. The existing roof insulation contained a significant amount of moisture and the roof membrane was disintegrating rapidly. Cell towers were located along the entire perimeter of the roof making roof replacement an issue.


  1. Remove all of the existing roofing material and install a roof system of choice. This option would force the cell companies to move all of the cell towers while our roof work was being completed.

  2. Install a 2001 Wind Vented roof system over the existing roof. The Wind Vented roof system removes all of the moisture trapped within the existing roof assembly over a 9-18 month period. This roof system can be installed without the cell companies involvement and without disruption to the tenants.

Scope of Work: All out of service penetrations were removed from the roof. A 2001 Wind Vented roof system was installed directly over the existing roof using .060 EPDM. A manufacturer’s 20 year NDL, Non pro-rated labor & material warranty was issued.

Size of Roof: 10,910 sqft.