Location: The Ivanhoe - 130 Overlook Ave, Hackensack, NJ

Owner: Alfred Sanzari Enterprises

Property Manager: Steve Brown

Existing Conditions: There were two roofs on the building. The original roof was a conventional hot tar roof with a polyester mat mopped in hot asphalt with gravel for the second roof. The polyester roof was applied over a roof that has been leaking, trapping in moisture causing the second roof to prematurely fail.


  1. Remove both roofs down to the concrete roof deck and install a new tapered insulation and roof system.

  2. Install a 2001 vented roof system which is light in weight and has the ability to dry out wet insulation and trapped moisture and will continue to vent the roof the life of the new roof.

Scope of Work: Remove the existing gravel. After all the necessary preparations have been made, install a 20 year .060 C-EPDM (rubber) single ply roof system directly over the existing roof.

The field of the roof was installed and watertight within 2 days.

A manufacturer’s 20 year NDL transferable, renewable, workmanship and material warranty was issued to Alfred Sanzari.

Size of Roof: 7,500 sqft.