Location: 253 Passaic Avenue, Fairfield, NJ

Owner: Canfield Scientific

Contacts: Doug Canfield and Lee Larson

Existing Solution: There were two layers of built-up roofing with 1.5” polyisocyanurate insulation used on the original installation and ½” fiberboard used when the building was re-roofed. A moisture scan was done and high levels of moisture were found spread throughout the entire roof.

Scope of Work: All of the existing roofing material and insulation was removed down to the steel deck. All unused roof penetrations were removed and the decking was patched. A Carlisle “Sure Seal” Mechanically Fastened EPDM Roofing System was installed over 2” polyisocyanurate insulation and a 20 year Golden Seal Warranty was issued.

The 10’ high walls were completed encapsulated with EPDM and custom copings were installed along the entire perimeter.

Size of Roof: 42,045 sq ft.