Location: 59 Main Street, West Orange, NJ

Owner: Haberman Building Corporation

Contacts: Howard Haberman and Michael Brietman

Existing Condition: There was one layer of modified bitumen and fiberglass roof insulation over a structural concrete deck. Several core cuts were made to verify that there was no moisture trapped within the existing insulation.


  1. Remove the existing roof assembly and install a new roofing system of choice.

  2. Install a Duro-Last roofing system over the existing roof system.

Scope of Work: Install a Duro-Last roofing system, over a ½” recovery board using .040 white PVC. The engineering department for Duro-Last designed a custom perimeter detail that best suited the unique design of the perimeter of the building. The roof system was designed to meet all wind uplift requirements.

A 15 year labor & material warranty was issued which also covers consequential damage.

Size of Roof: 17,525 sq. ft.