Location: Terrace Drive / River Edge Drive, Chatham, NJ

Owner: Sutton Woods Condominiums

Contact: Jay Kloud

Existing Conditions: There was one layer of modified bitumen and fiberglass roof insulations over a wood deck. Several core cuts were made to verify that there was no moisture trapped within the existing insulation.


  1. Remove the existing roof assembly and install a new roofing system of choice.

  2. Install a Duro-Last roofing system over the existing roof system.

Scope of Work: Install a Duro-Last roofing system, over a ½” recovery board, using .040 white PVC. The roof system was designed to meet all wind uplift requirements. Extensive carpentry and siding work was necessary on all lower roof areas in order to provide the association with a long term solution.

A 15 year labor & material warranty was issued which also covers consequential damage.

Size of Roof: 230,000 sq ft.