Location: 700 Central Avenue, New Providence, NJ

Owner: Sunham Home Fashions

Contact: Rich Landis

Existing Condition: The existing roof was a coal tar pitch roofing system with a gravel surface. The roof was extremely brittle and collected a significant amount of water.


  1. Remove the existing roof assembly and install a new roofing system of choice.

  2. Install a Duro-Last roofing system over the existing roof system.

Scope of Work: All loose gravel was removed from the roof. New drains were installed and lowered to improve drainage. A Duro-Last Mechanically Fastened roofing system was installed over a ⅜” Duro-Fold recovery board using .050 white PVC. The roof system was designed to meet all wind uplift requirements.

A 15 year non pro-rated labor and material warranty was issued which also covers consequential damages.

Size of Roof: 132,300 sq ft.