Location: 35 Maple Street, Norwood, NJ

Owner: Mitsui Foods International

Contact: Maureen Marcason

Existing Condition: The existing roof was a built-up roof system with white granules broadcasted over the surface of the roof. The roof membrane had shrunk considerably and large blister and cracks were appearing throughout the entire field of the roof. Numerous leaks over the years allowed the moisture to build up between the layers of roofing material and saturate the insulation.


  1. Remove all of the roofing and insulation down to the steel deck and install a conventional roof system. This option would cause a great disturbance to the occupants of the building and fell well above the anticipated cost for the project.
  2. Install a 2001 Vented Roof system over the existing roofs. 2001 vented systems have the ability to dry out wet roofs and insulation. There is absolutely no disturbance to the occupants and there is a significant savings by not having to remove the existing roof assemblies.

Scope of Work: Install a 2001 vented roof system over the existing roof. All of the drains were replaced and the concrete coping stones were covered with new aluminum coping.

A manufacturer’s 15 year NDL transferrable, renewable, workmanship and material warranty was issued to Mitsui Foods International.

Size of Roof: 39,500 sq ft.