Location: 114th Street, Hoboken, NJ

Owner: Applied Property Management Co

Existing Condition: The existing roof was a fully adhered EPDM single ply roof system adhered to 2” mechanically fastened isocyanurate roof insulation. The parapet wall membrane was fully adhered directly to the wall terminating just under the cement copings. The wall membrane was delaminating from the walls due to moisture and air infiltration directly through the wall.

System Failure: Over time the winds coming off the Hudson River caused the existing fully adhered roof system to delaminate from the insulation causing a partial roof blow off. A contributing factor to the blow off was the positive pressure of the building passing up through the parapet walls.

Solution: Install a wind vented roof system that can use the force of the winds to hold the roof in place and dry out any wet insulation and moisture that is trapped in the existing roof.

Scope of Work: Install a 2001 White TPO vented roof system directly over the existing roof. Special vented wall flashing details were followed allowing moisture and positive pressure to escape from the walls.

After the manufacturer’s inspection’s their 15 year NDL transferable, renewable, workmanship and material warranty was issued to the owners.

Size of Roof: 15,000 sq ft.