Location: Ellenville, NY

Owner: Imperial Schrade, Corp

Existing Condition: There were a total of 4 existing roofs.

(Original) 3 ply gravel surface built up roof over moped in 1” perlite insulation.

4 ply smooth built up roof over 17/16” fiberglass insulation.

Cold process polyester mat and emulsion roof system.

.045 EPDM single ply roof system

Scope of Work: Remove three layers of roofing down to the original roof. Check for and replace any wet insulation and deteriorated steel decking. Installed a 2001 vented premium C-EPDM single ply roof system.

A manufacturer’s 15 year non pro-rated workmanship and material warranty was issued.

Size of Roof: 67,200 sqft.