residential roofing

How To Get Your Roof Ready For Spring

By | Residential

Although the tri-state area was spared the heavy snowfall New England experienced, the snow, ice and record-freezing temperatures that occurred weren’t insignificant.

The warmer spring temperatures may bring relief to you and your utility bills, but not your roof.

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Commercial roofing

What you Need to Know About Vapor Retarders

By | Commercial

The need for, use and design of a vapor retarder in the design of a roof system used to be a hotly debated topic. It appears now—when vapor retarders are needed more than ever—the design community seems to have lost interest, which is not good, considering how codes and standards (altered through concerns for energy savings) have changed how buildings are designed, constructed and operated. Most notably, positive building pressures are changing the game

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commercial roofing

The Benefits of Having a Thermal Moisture Scan

By | Commercial

Once you have installed a new roofing system at your facility, it’s important to remember that it will require regular inspections and maintenance by qualified professionals in order to keep it in proper working order.

Over time, a small leak can lead to mold and wet insulation that can cause your roof to fail. One of the most valuable tools that roofing professionals use to check on the viability of a roof is the thermal moisture scan.

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