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commercial roofing

Commercial Roof Removal

There are many times when it doesn’t’ make sense to install a new roof over the existing roof. By removing the complete roof, it will save you money in the long run. Building codes will only allow a maximum of two roofs on a building before both roofs have to be removed. A full commercial roof removal will eliminate increasingly expensive repairs that may occur in the future. A new, energy-efficient roof will cut cooling costs. CRS offers customized roofing solutions that address every need.

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commercial roofing

Commercial Re-Roofing

Sometimes, it is possible to simply reroof your commercial building rather than perform a complete roof replacement. Commercial re-roofing consists of installing a new roof over the existing roof. It is often the best solution following storm damage or when the roof has slightly deteriorated over time. At CRS, insurance claims for re-roofing are easy because our dedicated salesmen know what the insurer is looking for and use the same software as they do. We make re-roofing simple by taking care of everything – securing permits, controlling delivery of materials and removing all debris.

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