Commercial Re-roofing

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How to Know If You Need a Commercial Re-roof

Flat roofs are often susceptible to ponding water, which increases the possibility of leaks. Over time, various roofing materials may lose flexibility, leading to cracking and leaks. Repeated freeze-thaw cycles may eventually open up seams or create leaks around penetrations. Finally, those with EPDM roofs may find that membrane shrinkage causes it to pull away from the roof perimeter and penetrations, allowing water to penetrate the roof.

Our Process for Commercial Re-roofs

Sometimes, it is possible to install a new roof system over an existing roof rather than doing an entire commercial roof removalRe-roofing is particularly helpful if you have a tar and gravel or modified bitumen roof, because these materials are costly to remove, and are filling our landfills. To determine if this cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution is possible, we’ll look at current local code requirements, and we’ll conduct core cuts to ensure that existing moisture within the roof system is manageable.

PVC Single-ply Membrane

When re-roofing is appropriate, we’ll often recommend the use of a high-quality, single-ply membrane like that’s used in the Duro-last roof system. Mechanically fastened PVC membranes offer excellent longevity, so they feature longer warranties than certain other roofing options. Long-lasting Duro-last roofing systems are also watertight, wind-resistant, chemical-resistant and fire-resistant. They are also highly reflective, so they may significantly reduce your current energy costs.

Over the last four decades, contractors installed literally billions of square feet of Duro-last single-ply membrane across North America. Because every roof system is custom-fabricated, up to 85 percent of the heat-welded seams are completed in a controlled factory setting. These seams retain their flexibility through the temperature extremes seen in our commercial re-roofing service areas including New Jersey, the Allentown/Bethlehem area of Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

We are proud to be an authorized Duro-last roofing contractor offering their premium non-prorated warranties in the industry, including those that cover labor, materials and even consequential damage.

Wind Vented Roof Systems

Wind vented roofing systems may also allow the property owner to avoid a tear-off. These Wind Vented roof systems are approved by the state building codes to be installed over two-layered roof assemblies. Such systems are popular because they meet today’s more stringent wind uplift code requirements. Due to the special venting, these negative pressure roofing systems lay flat during severe windstorms, the system continuously dries the roof substrate through controlled air exchange, mitigating mold, mildew and fungi. This can be installed using EDPM, PVC & TPO membranes. 

What Makes CRS Different?

Although we offer standard commercial re-roofing solutions to businesses in the NJ, PA and CT area like other contractors do, we also offer custom re-roof solutions to meet our customers’ unique roofing challenges. It comes down to far more than price alone. Our responsiveness to our clients’ needs sets us apart. Time and again, we’ve demonstrated the capacity to take on commercial roofing challenges in a way that ensures long-term success that will save you big money over the lifetime of the roof.

Our roofing services have offered superior commercial roofing materials meticulously installed by industry pros since 1977. We understand that improper installation is a leading cause of premature roof failure. Therefore, we only send our own highly trained, certified employees to perform commercial re-roofing.

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