Roof Leak Repair

Maintain The Condition of Your Roof.

Roof Leak Repair Short and Long-Term

Imagine the forces that both residential and commercial roofs in the Northeast region (New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Massachusetts and New Hampshire) must withstand. Triple-digit temperatures in the summer are followed by sub-freezing temperatures in the winter. Severe storms can leave several feet of heavy, wet snow on the roof. High winds may also threaten aging roofs.

At CRS, one of our key roofing services is service itself. We specialize in working directly with the customer in a prompt and thorough manner. We can usually meet with the customer and fully resolve any problems within a day.

While short-term emergency repairs can eliminate current leaks, the overall problem of an aging roof remains. As membrane roofs age, they start to experience seam and flashing failures. Seams will start to fail from the inside out and membranes will shrink, pulling seams and flashings apart. When a roof approaches the end of its life cycle, it may be time to reduce rising repair costs and opt for more comprehensive roofing services like a roof replacement.

Our Process for Roof Leak Repairs

There are both short-term and long-term roof leak repairs. We can quickly apply a temporary patch to a puncture caused by a fallen tree limb. Later, the damaged membrane can be more properly repaired. Repairs that are done following the manufacturer’s specifications should last for the life of the roof itself.

When seams fail on single-ply roof systems, it’s important that the repairs be made by a trained roofing professional. Once a leak is detected in a tar and gravel roof, new tar, reinforcing mesh and gravel are applied to the damaged area. The repair is fairly straightforward – it’s the leak detection that is the challenge with tar and gravel roofs.

What Makes CRS Different?

Following a roof inspection, we go over all roof issues with you so you can make informed decisions. We don’t up-sell along the way. Given the importance of a functioning roof, it is important that repairs be timely and properly executed. When you contract with CRS for roof leak repair, you can count on the job getting done right. We use the most environmentally friendly materials wherever possible. Since 1977, we have aimed to be a roofing company that focused on serving clients throughout the Tri-state area with expert commercial and residential roof repairs carried out by our very own, highly trained employees.

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