Roof Maintenance Program

Avoid Expensive Repairs with Regular Preventative Maintenance.

Commercial Roof Maintenance Program

One of the key roofing services available to our clients and potential clients in New Jersey, Allentown/Bethlehem area of Pennsylvania, Connecticut and Massachusetts area is the commercial roof maintenance program. Given the durability of a new membrane roofing system, it’s more important than ever to invest in a quality roof maintenance program, performed by a company that has a dedicated team specializing in quality roof maintenance. As you’re aware, the importance of protecting the substantial investment that is your roof is second to none. Regardless of the type of roof you have, it is important to routinely inspect seams and flashings, remove debris, clean the drains, look for evidence of leaks and make all necessary maintenance repairs.

We highly recommend annual or semiannual inspections along with a special inspection when severe weather such as heavy rain, snow or a windstorm strikes. A roof maintenance program is one of the most cost-effective roofing services of all because it detects and resolves smaller problems before they become major ones.

What to Expect From Commercial Roof Maintenance

Many kinds of debris collect on a flat commercial roof. Falling branches, dirt, gravel, leaves and more can interfere with drainage, leading to ponding water and damage to the membrane. When sections of the roof remain wet for extended periods, leaks are more likely to develop. Therefore, it is important that crews clean away debris on a regular basis.

Problems with flashings cause concerns as well. Fasteners holding these counter flashings and termination bars in place may loosen, or caulk may shrink and crack. Regular maintenance ensures that all flashings will perform as designed.

Over time, regular expansion and contraction of roof membranes may stress seams to the point of failure. Therefore, a property owner with an aging roof may have us clean and strip in all the seams to extend its life. Seam restoration is often a cost-effective remedy that may delay a roof replacement for a number of years.

Regular commercial roof maintenance is vital to confirm the continued integrity of your roof. Once moisture invades the roof’s substructure, rotting wood and corroding steel may follow. Metal fasteners that stay wet may deteriorate and weaken over time, making the roof more vulnerable to wind damage.

CRS works with commercial clients to perform roof maintenance so it does not interfere with day-to-day business operations.

What Makes CRS Different?

Extend the life of your roof with a regular roof maintenance program. When you enter into such a program, you’ll want a long-term relationship with a roofing services business you can trust. You also want a roofing contractor who will get to know the unique requirements of your roof as the years go on. CRS is a local roofing company that stands behind its work. We have served the Tri-state area, including Bergen, Passaic and Essex Counties, for over four decades.

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