Barrister Farms


Huntington Ct, Wyckoff, NJ

Existing Condition:

The existing roof was a 25 year old dimensional roof shingle that was starting to brake down causing problems. They were starting to experience roof leaks through the entire complex, metal chimney caps were leaking as well many side wall flashings.


#1: Continue to maintain the roofs and push off replacement to another day.

#2: Total roof replacement, with a new GAF 50/20 year Golden pledge warrantee GAF Timberline roof system.

Size of Roof:

95,000 sq ft

Scope of Work:

Remove all existing asphalt roofing , inspect and replace any deteriorated wood decking, replace all chimney caps, step flashings and any deteriorated facial boards with new Azex material. Replace all existing gutters with new 6” seamless gutters. Because CRS owns and operates it’s own containers we’re able to minimize the any inconvenience that’s associated with a project of this magnitude.

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