Commercial Service Work

Reveal the True Condition of Your Roof.

Our Expert Technicians Help Along the Way

Our expert technicians know how to identify even subtle signs of roof damage, whether it is part of an annual inspection or after a severe storm. They’ll look for evidence of leaks, punctures, corroded fasteners, open seams, loose flashings and much more. Timely inspections promote early repairs that often limit the need for much more expensive roofing services later on. Regularly scheduled inspections protect your real estate investment, plain and simple.

What to Expect from Roof Service Work

Roof service work is divided into two main parts, including 1) timely inspections that reveal the true condition of the roof and 2) detection and elimination of leaks.

Our expert technicians can perform thermal moisture scans to detect leaks, wet insulation, trapped moisture and corroding fasteners. Thermal imaging works for moisture detection because wet areas heat up and cool down faster than dry areas. Temperature differences alert technicians to the location and extent of moisture intrusion. Thermal imaging scans identify leaks and they illustrate how far moisture from those leaks has spread.

Undetected leaks can weaken a building’s substrate and cause damage to its structure. Trapped moisture may lead to mold growth. Once mold takes over, remediation experts are needed to resolve the problem. This could even lead to an interruption in business operations. Severe storms may exploit the weakness of corroded fasteners, destroying whole sections of the roof.

CRS can also perform service work for clients with rooftop solar installations. In New Jersey specifically, solar demand is driven by commercial electricity rates that are much higher than national averages. It’s important that your roofer has the experience to deal with roofing services when solar panels are present.

What Makes CRS Different?

When it comes to building and roof maintenance, businesses and property owners often prefer long-term relationships with established contractors. CRS has been doing roof service work at commercial structures across the Tri-state area since the 1970s. When you contract with CRS to perform your roof service work, you can count on competitive pricing, reliable service and responsive crews. Allow us the opportunity to use our expertise to find customized solutions to every roofing challenge. Schedule your consultation today!

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